Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's all about the grub...

Al-righty, DH took me shopping this morning and he dropped me off at (shudder, quake) Wally World! He said I would have my choice of better brands and a wider selection. He went to Target for the things I needed there.

We all know that I do not (make that NOT) like the place. Because I am having difficulty with walking and breathing, I used one of their electric carts. The (ahem) store is so obliging to us handicapped folk. This, however, is as far as they go with their obligation.

There are no prices of the items on the shelves, the prices are above and set back from the products. You have to do some fancy driving or ask other customers what the *bleep* sign says. I drove all over the grocery section to find a can of tamales, I did find two sections with like foods, but never the tamales. (I get a hankering for them every now and then.)

There is also that business that they have the lowest prices and will match any ad. Um,  I'm from out of town, do I have to buy the right day's paper and clip the ads? Their regular prices of non-sale food item that are not usually advertised, were higher by like 20 cents. I am not going to be impressed.

I only found about half of what I wanted because of their 'marketing strategies' of moving things around all the time and dropping items that are not money makers. 

I will eat this week, but no thanks to that *bleep* place. It would be nice if they had more handicap parking spots too. DH had to park to hell and gone. Not happy with that place, nope, not happy at all.

Well, on to the new week. I hope you have a good one!



Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Different Weekend!

I am reading this weekend and having a great time! I joined a new group on facebook for Smashwords writers. How cool is that?

Now... to make myself a decent page... No idea how to begin, I cannot remember. I know I have done it before, I think. LOL!

I will be spending time with my reader and staying in the cool. I am not ignoring you, honest. I just need some 'me' time before DH comes home.

Have a good one, folks!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Totally Random Report

No picture today. We had a storm go through some time, early this morning. The power went out. There was lots of rain and thunder boomers. I dragged my buns out of bed when it first started, to take the dogs' fence collars off. I almost did it in my sleep. I don't know if the line was hit or it was the surge, but I no longer have a telephone OR my cell! We have (make that had) that signal booster and it's shot too.

Jack and Jill stayed hiding until it was already miserably hot outside. I'm just glad that I had their collars off.

Sent J2 off to be formatted.

I am out of goodies... Too yucky to get out. How am I ever going to keep my girlish figure? I guess I will have to email someone to bring me goodies or another phone! 

I hope you weren't swamped in the night!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Moon

June 22, 2013
June 21, 2013
I was afraid I would not be able to shoot the full moon on the 22nd, so the night before, I took some shots. Though not full, I like the 'almost' super moon better. You can see the craters at the bottom in fair detail. I suppose one can only expect just so much out of a camera at the price we paid. It is not a telescope and there is so much pollution in the air. (the camera moves with my pulse and breathing, too - my tripod had to be my knees - not an excuse - just the reason) I think many of us 'night people' have an attraction to the moon. We (the dogs, cat and I) spent quite some time enjoying the evening and night on the front porch, bug-less for a change.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bush needs help...

This is a 3 yr. old pic. of my favorite bush. Today is 06/19/2013 and I may have only about a dozen blossoms. Is it sick? It looks good, bigger actually. Should we prune in this winter or does it need food? If food, what? If pruning - how far back? Thanks for any help! Have a good day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Remembering Dad on Father's day

Being the third child of my parents was difficult. I am long since over it, but I still remember things that I wish I didn’t. I wasn’t the first girl, I wasn’t the first son, I was “extra”. My Dad did try his best to make me feel special, he just didn’t know how. As far back as I can remember, he put up with my chattering, took walks with me until his RA made it impossible, and taught me what he wanted me to know. Alas, it wasn’t what I needed to know. He was always a good listener though and we talked a lot, when he wasn’t in pain. I miss that, I miss having him call me “Cherie” (the way the French say it). The day he went to the hospital, I told him I would see him the next weekend and he said, “I don’t think so, Cherie.” I scoffed and said he would be home. He passed from a massive heart attack the following day.

For a year, at least, I would think about something and want to tell my Dad. It would hit me all over again that he was gone. It used to bother me that I hadn’t told him that I was going to have another baby. I think he knows.

Friday, June 14, 2013

S. J. Qualls Explanation...

I am nearly sure that, you, as the public are anxious to hear why I write the way that I write. (Sure I am, not) This is just an explanation and not an excuse.

My simplistic writing – not everyone has a high school education or has gone to college. Some of us don’t remember our English teacher’s name, let alone grammar. It has been over half a century since I went to school. I know I am not alone in this. I respect those who have retained this information and applaud their accomplishments. BUT, yes, that ever present “but”, there are so many who like to read, but find it boring or tedious, to try to plow through all the adjectives, the ten letter words, and the French sayings that they quit reading. I do not want my readers put off, because of that. I want them to relax and enjoy what I write. Some may not, I cannot write for everyone.

My simplistic characters – I do not overly-describe my characters. I want my readers to decide for themselves what the characters look like. I give them hair color and vague height and eye color, if I feel like it. Not all of us like the same type of person. Your dream guy may be a hunk, slender built, or an average Joe with the face of an angel. It’s their words; their actions and the story that makes them come to life in your mind. Just pick your favorite fantasy guy and go with that. Seriously, I would take that overly tanned fellow and suggest he use sunscreen before he got skin cancer, but that’s just me. The same goes for my female characters; they could be you, a favorite cousin, or that cheerleader from high school that mocked you.

You do know that I am not a great writer; I would never claim to be. I do like what I write and that is what is important to me. I am S. J. Qualls and I thank you for reading… anything!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Picture Time

Blueberries in a bowl, next month!

What I read and don't.

Not sure who the little one is.
After a day in hell,
I am totally sure
That I really
and truly,
hate my Dell!