Thursday, December 1, 2016

Letter from home - December 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

Where to start? I guess I better just jump in. It's the first of December already. How odd, even with a chill in the air, the days are flying by! Winter is definitely here, judging by the forecast for my area. It's time to check the light bulbs under the house - we don't need any frozen pipes.
 I received my new blanket and it isn't as warm as I expected. Sigh. I'll need additional something by the end of next week. I guess I should have bought a sleeping bag.

DH has been going to the doctors. Multiple. He's had this painful thing going on in his chest and back. It was suggested that he had pleurisy although nothing showed on his x-rays. Separated ribs was the next idea. No treatment. Went to chiropractor, twice, came home more miserable. Next trip, they did a CT scan, which showed a kidney stone and spots on his kidney and a couple spots on his lungs that they figured were nothing to worry about. Then he had an ultrasound on his kidneys - he is supposed to go in in six months to be checked again. He still hurt. By now, he had been having this horrible pain for almost 3 weeks. I noticed some spots like bites on his side, chest and back. It didn't really look like the rash I had when I had the shingles, but I mentioned it to him. Back to the doctor's office. SHINGLES! He got some pills supposedly for shingles. 3 days later, (yesterday) he went to a different doctor in a different town. Yep, shingles! He now has some ointment and pain pills. He is some better today. Seems some people don't break out as bad as others and the pain is more inside than out. Doctors! I just don't trust them.

I tried doing a little Christmas shopping online. I thought I found the perfect gift for my SILs at Teleflora and when I was filling out the information, the site had me check the dates - seems as I was ordering - they ran out! I can kinda tell that shopping isn't going to be a picnic. Good thing I started early. Now, to think up something else.

Either my puny tomatoes are ripening or rottening.
 I was surprised when I looked at the 'trimmings' from a couple of weeks ago. I had stuck them into a bottle of water with idiotic thoughts of sticking them into another pot of dirt. 
 Yes, there are five tiny tomatoes growing, I was sure the blossoms would be shocked from the cutting and fall off. Tough tomato plants!

As some of you know, my printer gave me grief over the new ink and refuses to print with it. My little dream of actually making and sending out a few Christmas cards, went down the drain. I have yet to get a different printer. DH bought me a few cards to send out and I sat on the bed making them out while watching the newest DVD of Poldark

Yes, the last Poldark for the season was broadcast. No more Call the Midwife for now. Jewel in the Crown finished, as well as Indian Summers and The Durrels of Corfu. Sigh ... I checked December programming - it isn't my kind of stuff. January looks promising.

I am getting excited about Christmas - because our youngest son will be flying in for the holidays! I hope I don't go overboard and get sick. I normally don't 'Do' Christmas, but with him coming and how bad I've missed him, well, I just can't help myself! I may even do up my little trees. I have no idea what to get him, or his dad for that matter, so I search the internet in hopes I can spot the perfect gifts.

All for now, sorry this is so long. Have a great day! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Busy in Tennessee!

Not sure how many of you have heard about the fires in TN, or how many are familiar with Dollywood and Gatlinburg. Bad mess over there in East Tennessee! Between the tinder dry and the high winds the area is a disaster area. I sympathize with those who lost family and their homes on Monday.

Then too, we had tornadoes rip through a swath of MS, AL, and TN, last night. It was one wild ride. 5 people were killed. I think there were 23 tornadoes reported. Lots of damage. I was in the watch zone, but I didn't feel the danger I often do - nothing was that close. There are times when I wish I had an underground shelter though.

I hope this bad stuff doesn't deter visitors. Tennessee is a beautiful state and we're tough folk here. Prayers and good vibes are welcomed here at this time. Check the net for areas most desperately in need of your concern.

Monday, November 28, 2016

OMG! It's raining!

I can hardly believe this, but it's raining, a soaking-in type of rain. Of course, we have some windy conditions with it and the dogs are upset about it. I see another good chance of rain coming up again real soon, so maybe the drought is over. (I also see a 30% chance of frozen precipitation one night. I hope not.)
 It really is about time. I wish it was bedtime so I could lie in bed and listen to the rain pitter-pattering on the window as I fall asleep. I imagine if it keeps up too long, I'll be griping about the gloomy days and damp, but we were quite far behind in the rain department and we really needed this.