Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday 101817

I just noticed that Jill is getting gray around her mouth. Probably is a lot more gray, but can't really tell with her coloring. She is 8 now, I was wondering when she would start to 'show' her age.

Wishing I had a better selection of colors. Also a better idea of what colors worked with what, so as you can see, some of my choices were not the best. Once a person starts, you are committed as the cards are not cheap. No tossing them in the garbage and starting over.

Feeling melancholy today. I planned on putting up some old pictures and got caught looking at pictures of Jack ... 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Letter from Home

Hi Peoples!

  It just dawned on me that we haven't turned the central unit on for the fall yet. Oh, we had a chilly spell of a couple days where I turned it on to warm me up a while back, but we haven't set the unit to come on automatically. We usually do that around the 7th of October. I'm hoping for a good fall this year, of no freakishly early snow or cold weather. The year (long ago) I made my son a dinosaur costume for Halloween, we had sleet and snow for our little trek to go Trick or Treating. We had a real bear of a winter that year. Of course, even further back, it was 81 on Halloween, and that winter it was pleasantly warm. I am hoping for another one of those decent winters. 

   DH went in for a stress test on Thursday. We don't know the results, but he made it through to the end without having to stop. I hope that is a good sign. He did say that he wanted to quit and the technician talked him through it. He had his echogram about a week before. He's been having some spells with shortness of breath and weakness. No chest pains ... Naturally, he's worried, but I think if he has a big reason, they would have called him for a quick return  to the doctor's office. His sister called him last night and told him she has a blockage and they are going to put in a stint/stent/shunt. So he's now convinced he is doomed ... We went through the same thing when his second sister was found to have cancer. He's of that age, I guess. Anything is possible. He finally realizes he is not immortal.

Looking at the hits for my blog. Getting a whole lot of visitors from Russia. Really? I wish somebody would say, "Hello."

He's back from shopping, so I will close. He brought me breakfast! I'm going to have eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy! Well, looks like Jill will be getting some eggs! Ha Ha.

Have a most lovely day, evening, whatever! 

P. S. Breakfast was not so good. I ate one bite of eggs. Biscuit was small and over baked. The sausage gravy tasted like the had an accident with the salt shaker and the sausage patty was tough. He bought the breakfasts at Krystal, as Hardies had closed down.  Jill did love the greasy eggs ...