Saturday, January 21, 2017


Not exactly sure how it got to be Saturday, but here it is. I am surprised , but have not caught a mouse in 1 1/2 days. Could it be that we have them all, or did they go back outside because of the warmer temperatures? It's near 70F again today. Seems most of us are having a January Thaw and better.

I've been caught up in my DVDs. Currently watching Scandal, I only have the first two seasons. I watched the first season of House of Cards and not sure if I want to buy any more. They are both about corruption in the White House. I still have the complete collection of Damages and that one sounds like lawyers and scandals. Am trying to stay off my feet, as my legs and feet are being more problematic, it helps.

It's a gorgeous day today. It has been warmer than normal, but damp, rainy, foggy, and pretty much yucky, until today. It's most likely going to get cold again.  Normal winter pattern in these parts. Warm equals dismal and cold equals bright and sunny. Is nice to see the sun for a change!

DH took Brad out for a drive, it's been too long. His brakes went out, so it's in the shop. (So far only one mouse has been caught in the garage, yay!) He took Charlotte for a spin, too. Wish I could drive, think I might like her. With him working nights, he hasn't got the time or energy to mess with his toys. 
Jack catching rays.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Good-bye Mr. Jingles

So - I ruined a perfectly good 5 gallon bucket making my mouse trap. Sigh ...
DH did the shopping on Saturday and bought some glue traps. We will need more. They work slicker than snot! I'm sure there are a lot of members of the Jingles family waiting in the wings and I believe we need to put them out in the shed and in the garage. 
The insurance on "Brad," the '41 Dodge, doesn't cover rodent infestation or damage. We need to prevent asap!
I didn't notice what brand he had - they are all gone now - but I will need to order a case of them as soon as I know. He's sleeping now, I'll ask when he gets up. I don't know if those traps are all created equally.
It's nice to know that we finally have a solution! Now to figure out how to get rid of the smell. DH says he can't smell them, but he may already be nose blind.
I hope you are not too squeamish.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

They don't get out much

DH finally had a chance to get Jack and Jill to the vet for their annual check-ups. They were so excited when I put their harnesses on and could hardly contain themselves.

 They practically dragged him out to the car. "We're going for a ride, we're going bye-bye!" DH told me they were not willing to go inside, once they saw their destination.
Jack has lost a little, he's back to his best weight at 20#, Jill is still holding at 35#.
Foggy day, the 'kids' couldn't tell, right away, where they were going.
A Mr. Jingles came by last night. I hope the seeds swelled up and gave the little brat a belly ache! He hadn't touched this in a month, why last night?