Sunday, February 26, 2017

Going back ...

Years ago, I would go to sleep with The Rockford Files. I could actually go to sleep without it drawing me in. It was my lullaby. I'm considerably older now, and unless I am drugged, I can't get to sleep when the TV is on; but I have found that a single show of The Twilight Zone while we (Jack and I) are getting comfortable (shoving, pushing, pleading w/Jack to move over) and cozy, is enough to get me ready for dreamland after I shut the TV off. Tonight is a different animal, too many things on my mind.

My son gave me this for Christmas. I'm really not in the mood for listening to that much do-do-do-do or playing with the remote to skip it, to do any marathon. I do love it though. 

It hardly seems that it could have been over half a century ago when it started. The first show was in 1959! During a break they suggest a person should watch different shows. (Obviously new at the time) Shows like The Rifleman and The Andy Griffith show. I still listen to Andy when I'm playing cards or doing a puzzle if he's on - and my over-the-air channel has it on 2-3 times a day.

I like cars, I especially like old cars. In The Twilight Zone, they do a lot of 'now time' shows. In other words, the cars in those shows are mostly brand new. When I realized this, I began to look at things a little closer! It's almost as good as watching those car auction shows where they sell an old 'classic' for 100K and more, except it's in B/W and in traffic. I think about that, looking forward to the 1962 shows to see if there is a "Charlotte" there! I haven't seen a "Brad" there, but Brad is a street rod w/custom 2-tone paint, and he's 20 years older, would probably have been a clunker by then.

Sometimes they show inside a home, I look closer. I have seen kitchen things like we had when I was a kid. I used to think the clothes then weren't all that different. I guess I have never been that observant, not consciously, anyway. Whoa! The glasses, the shoes, the hair, it's all quite dated! But, you know, they had style back then, class. No underwear and jeans at half-mast. Men wore belts at the waist, not simply snapped and zipped under their bellies.

Every episode, Rod Serling opens in his 'living room,' telling the viewers about the show and afterward, he's telling you about the next show, a cigarette burning in his hand. They sure don't do that anymore, now do they? I've watched 1 1/2 seasons, so far. The series had a good run, 156 episodes. Who remembers when a show was new for something like 30 shows a year? I think now we are doing good if we get half that!

There was something else I was going to write, but it escapes me like smoke in a bad draft. Have a great day!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Cheap garbage!

Remember DH bought a big enough bird feeder to last longer than a day? Well, you would think the manufacturers could make the cable strong enough to hold that much food. He paid enough for the large size, but seems it was just a large price paid for a faulty product. It landed in the grass during the winds from the front coming in. This morning the birds found it and had a free for all. 

The cow birds have joined in the feeding frenzy. They really went nuts for quite a while, at least as long as the seeds lasted.

See the reddish haze through that tree? I won't bore you with a bunch of them, but the haze is growing in the woods. The neighbor's daffodils are blooming and so are the pear trees in their yard. Looks like spring is starting. Will probably freeze tomorrow  night or the next night. It's going to get cold again.
I have been busy (Hah!) watching Fringe and am nearing the end. I am so hooked into it. Jill keeps giving me this look ... I must not waste so much time with my face in the tube. I'll have to quit - after I see the completion. Haha.
Have a great weekend, Folks!