Monday, August 22, 2016

Looking Back

I dug out my old home movies and did some screen shots. Do DVDs degrade? I thought these pictures were better than they are. The screen shots didn't even need to be made smaller and they are so fuzzy. I can't imagine blowing them up on the big TV! Well, for your viewing (chuckling, heckling, booing) pleasure I have some for you. Year is unknown - '95 or '96? I'm just not sure.
Hair, no gray, I hardly know the guy.

Saying, "Cheese."

Yoda said, "Meow."

Some of the grand-kids - Christmas Dinner. I think one was sleeping, one was at his daddy's, and one was in trouble.

Sons #2 & #3 goofing around, yes, their hair is long.

Rough on the way home from an Arkansas trip.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Still a favorite

Not sure what's happening, Blogger is acting obstinate today. I planned (uh-oh, that may be the key) to post a picture of some sparrows parking on their favorite old dead branch of the fig. The branch has since broken. Must have been one overweight sparrow, huh?

Not much happening, I'm continuing to be plagued with coughing, hacking, sneezing and being "Biserable." Today, I noticed that my weather page has announced an allergy alert. They could have asked me a couple of weeks ago ... (Not that it would have helped any.) 

DH set up the Blue-ray and we watched a movie, Sicario, a guy film, in other words, a loud, violent, and bloody movie about drug dealers and the guys trying to eliminate them. It was hard telling the bad guys from the bad guys ... 

Yesterday, I ended up sleeping most of the day and night until I woke up around 8:30 this morning. I must have needed it. I need to get to feeling better soon - so much to do before the grapes get ripe. I still hope to try again at a batch of blueberry wine, but a different recipe, before I make a batch from the grapes. I know I shouldn't plan anything, my bad.
Working now - Sparrows on Favorite Hangout.
 Have a good rest of the day!