Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Tracks out and tracks in a minute later.

The phone rang, played that irritating tune through my brain fog.
DH wanted to know what the weather was doing.
Through the blur, told him what I saw. Snow on the road ...
That was 3 hours ago.
I thought he would come home, and at the same time I wondered why he even went in. He didn't. I have no idea what the weather is where he is.  
Well, it was snowing and hasn't stopped yet, now the yard is all white and it just keeps coming. There is NO traffic on the road. 
Sigh ...
It is real pretty, I can say that for sure.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday January 10, 2018

 My son helped me with the apps for some games on the tablet. I was hoping to help with my words and cognition. These puzzles are pretty darn hard. I figured I would have to play with the letters - I am out of 'hints'. I'm sure the words are there, but they aren't jumping out and biting me. Ha Ha. Losing words has become a scary proposition and it's getting worse.
 I don't remember why Jill was so mad at me yesterday, but it's the first time she has turned her back on me. (I think)
I believe she is trying to smile at me. Silly girl!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Christmas Surprises

Our son outdid himself again. We are going to have to get a large desk or cabinet for all the stuff! (Or add on a room just for game play) I hope this means he plans on moving closer to us!

 This was only the beginning. There is a PS4, extra controllers, a steering wheel, and I don't know what all. Ever do VR? It is a trip! All of a sudden I had a shark coming right at me! Played a shoot 'em up game and I died, of course. Flying a plane is not simple, haha. You get the gist. I think we are his spoiled children ...

Oh, there was still the chocolates (3 boxes) and other food items, also 3 blueray series. I already watched The Fall. Still have Westworld and Stranger Things. I'm going to pace myself. :-)

DH gave me a pair of gold drop earrings and a silver necklace (which I had him return) I love the earrings, thought they were too pricey though. I gave him a long cozy robe, pajama pants, and none of your business [wink]. Son asked for and received Nintendo Switch and a game. He says he likes the set-up. 

Have a lovely Sunday (or Monday) and stay comfortable!