Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dirty Old Ladies

     My closest friend and I were talking long distance again. She sounded so much better than she has in a long while. We usually kill the battery on my phone when we talk. Talking about nothing is what we do best; it always starts a thread that can have us howling. Liz is quiet, quite proper and very organized. She runs and rides her bicycle for exercise and excitement. Now, I am and have always been the opposite. I can tend to be a little rough around the edges, say what I think and my house is shall I say it? It's not a priority.
     Liz became a widow last fall. She loved him so and had gone through so much with him because of his ill health for several years. She went through the standard stages of grief and surprisingly tonight I heard a little of the pain breaking away as we talked. It felt good to me. The last time I talked about the subject, I didn't think she was ever going to talk to me again. The subject was men. I had told her it wouldn't hurt for her to join some groups with men and women. I guess it was too soon. Tonight though, I brought up the subject again and before long we were zinging back and forth.
     She thought because there were coyotes up on her property that she wanted to get a gun permit.
"You need a man." I said.
"I need a man to carry the gun?" She asked.
"Or whatever, maybe you need a big strong woman?" I said.
That got a big laugh out of her, I'm sure she was blushing.
"There are some guys at work." She told me.
"How old are they?" I wondered.
"In their thirties, I believe." She said giggling.
"There you go!" I said laughing.
"I'll need someone to push my wheelchair." She cracked up.
"No Dear, just for the weekend." I told her.
"Oh, just for the weekend?" She sounded disappointed.
"Then you try somebody else." I informed her.
Now more was said and I did suggest going to a place where they had those hunky male strippers, and she roared!

I really am happy to have my old friend back to be silly with!


  1. that's awesome - for you AND for her.

  2. that title certainly grabbed my attention!

  3. It is wonderful to see someone who has been grieving start to enjoy life again... I'm glad she has you for a friend to help her along the way. :)

  4. Hi Sharon! I'm finally making the rounds again. I hope your doing well :o) Thank you for stopping by...I have 5 dogs and a bleep load of bunnies bouncing around my house and my dogs have not caught any of them, they kind of ignore them which I'm glad for...since I don't want to see any of that mess...yuck. Our neighbor brags about how his dog catches bunnies but he's an bleep bleep anyway. I'll tell you a short funny story...A few years ago, my husband came home from work and noticed a dead, run over bunny on our front lawn...the poor thing had been baking all day long in the hot sun. I told my husband to go out and pick it up and bury it... so he goes out there and digs a hole across the street and gets to where the bunny is and he starts to choke a bit. I was standing in the door way and just as he picked it up with the shovel I yelled "Hey!! do you want a beer with that hasenpfeffer!" and he started to gag...LOL! I know that was mean but it was soooooo funny and we laugh about now. Well, you have a nice weekend and do something fun! Hugs Jennifer

  5. I see I have some 'catching up to do!!
    How lucky she is to have you as a friend, Sharon.
    It is good to be able to be silly. I never knew how until I met Ron....and I mean that in the best of ways!

    Now for some readin'!


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