Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Starting PT

DH went for first therapy session today. I guess 50-60% of the meniscus had been removed during surgery.  Well, anyway, DH wasn't in too bad of shape when we left. He wanted to go to Olive Garden for lunch afterwards.

He can gradually go to no crutches outside and has been encouraged to go crutch-less in the house. So now I am not the chief, cook and bottle-washer full time. Yeah! He's not complaining much...

PT three times next week - it had better not snow! I don't do well on wet, icy, or snowy roads anymore. Have tomorrow off and then Friday again. Let me tell you, it's gonna be a long two weeks and then we don't know what happens. I don't care if we go out to eat or not.

I'm tired.


  1. Olive Garden! My favorite place to eat!!

    I'm glad DH is doing well. I know what you mean... I do not like to drive on those kinds of roads either OR in the dark. (what good am I?)

    Enjoy your time with DH and go take a nap.. :-)

  2. I don't do well on icy or snow covered roads either. Hoping you'll have clear roads for your trips.

  3. glad all seems to be okay! so far, so good!

  4. Shane had this surgery a few years ago and it was a long 6 weeks, let me tell ya.


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