Monday, April 8, 2013

Still in the land of Oz...

I think somebody got a big surprise! (It's dead)

Last week (the view from my Womb)

Taken yesterday...

Tacky - I'm sure glad this fur isn't in the house!

I guess somebody was hungry (she shall remain nameless)
I am still at it, sigh... One of these first days, I hope!


  1. glad spring is arriving there! keep at it! :)

  2. Everything is greening up around here too. Good Oz or Evil Oz?

  3. Was just thinking about you! And here you are. Green on trees!!?? NOT FAIR!!
    Great shot of the dead wasp.
    I love Tacky in all her cuteness!
    Oh Jill!!
    Yes, one of these days we will all hear your joy that it is complete!!

  4. love the photos...keep on typing!!!

  5. Good to know my cats aren't the only evil-doers!


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