Monday, October 14, 2013

Furniture and Dogs

Why they don't mix...


  1. We need the dog whisperer. Jack and Jill obviously have some statement they want to relay to you. I can see it in their eyes. Let me guess... Mom, mind your own business... LOL! Cute!

  2. We found that leather works with dogs and also dogs that are a poodle mix works as well......don't shed as much.
    But that doesn't help you Sharon, right!? Guess you just have to live with it.....look at them! They are SO worth it!

  3. They look a little guilty? :)
    We taught our dogs when they were puppies that the furniture was a no-no.

    1. If I had big dogs like Buck and Souix, I guess I would too. Mine were so small and pathetic when we got them - who could not keep them warm? :)

  4. I just throw old quilts over the furniture that Lucy likes best and take it off when visitors are coming over.

  5. But they look so happy sitting there

  6. They don't see a problem obviously, looking pretty content there.


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