Wednesday, April 2, 2014

At the crack...

DH and I went on a house hunting mission this morning. I told our agent that we wanted to start as early as possible. We were up at the crack of dawn, heading south with our list.
 The first house on the list was the highest priced one, in a growing area, not far from Wal Mart and all the shops and major stores. We arrived about 15 minutes before it was time to meet our realtor, and decided to have a look around.
 At first glimpse, it looked untidy. 
Looking closer, all I could think was WTF? They had a huge pile of furniture in the back-back yard. Junk and debris covered most of the landscape around the yard and house.
I had DH call the gal and tell her we would meet her at the second house on the list. It looked as if they gave a two year old the can of red paint. We figured that if the outside looked this bad, the inside could be no better. No way, did I want any part of cleaning up such a mess and paying for the privilege.

This was the beginning of a very long day. House hunting is the most grueling job, I will be glad when it finally ends! To be continued...


  1. oh,my. i know you are so tired of this...

  2. Some people have no brains. Why would they think anyone would want to buy this?

  3. It is out there waiting to be found by you! Good that you are picky and I can only imagine how tiring all this is!

  4. Here's hoping you find your dream home very soon. Xxx

  5. Here's hoping you find your dream home very soon. Xxx

  6. A listed house looked like that!? I hope you will find a nice place soon.

  7. I'm having flashbacks of when we were house hunting. I remember one where the goats were in the front yard ...


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