Thursday, August 14, 2014

No More Selfies!

Well, the old lady turned 69 today. Good grief, how did that happen? Picture is of Jill - she's five. I am done putting my mug up! DH had his birthday too - he's a springy 56. Yes folks, we share the same birthday, and, of course, the same anniversary. Hee hee - NO, I have not been in the wine. We had those snack cake cupcakes with the squiggle across the top. Had to have chocolate cake, don't you know. It was a good day, not as hot, not as humid, and no rain, that was a winner! Not sure what frozen dinner we will have, since his surgery, we have been eating that type of thing because between the two of us - we have one good hand, real cooking is pretty much out, and so is driving much. No restaurant tonight, which is fine with me.


  1. happy double birthday to you! awesome!


  2. I'll trade ages with you. Hope you both had a good one.

  3. Happy Birthday to you both - Happy Anniversary to you both! Do hope you are enjoying each other's company during your 'forced companionship' lol

    Oh and if you do discover the secret mystery of where all the years have gone do let me know. I'm trying to track down a few I don't remember!

  4. No birthday is complete without chocolate cake or cupcakes of some kind... glad you had yours!! I had forgotten about you and DH sharing a birthday.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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