Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Kids

I had these two show up for a snack. Wondering if they are a pair or a couple of males looking for love. I've never seen them here before. Think they are a couple of fly-by eaters. I tried to get different views for I.D.


  1. both males. rose-breasted grosbeaks! very cool! they might be migrating through. i have seen them only a couple of times here.

  2. Exotic ones for sure!! The grosbeaks we get here are smaller than these.
    Word is getting around about your feeders!

  3. I knew TexWisGirl would know. I don't know my birds but I think they are pretty.

  4. Very cute what ever they are, maybe they will stick around and make babies near you

  5. Have never seen them at my feeders...must be a Southern thing.


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