Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Now, what did you order?"

That was the first thing DH said when he came home from work. There was a goodly pile of packages waiting for us to open together. (I wonder why he always says that?)
The flowers began perking up this morning!

Not being a clairvoyant or mind reader, I would say these came from my oldest son, Daniel. Thanks, Daniel, Sandy and Sons! There was nothing that said what these flowers are. They are pretty. Anybody know? 

No name or card on these either, but I know the youngest son sent them. Dad(same B-day) received a new blue-ray player and additional movies. Thanks BL! We'll have movies and goodies in front of the big screen on Saturday for sure!
 I'm still sick, happy to have some new reads to curl up with. I think The Left Hand Of Darkness will come first, with some more of the Halva that Renee sent me.


  1. Enjoy your gifts and feel better soon.

  2. Happy birthday! You got some great and thoughtful gifts. The flower might be a variety of freesias. Not sure.

  3. Woo-hoo! New Movies!! Yay!
    Happy Birthday.
    Don't know about the flowers, some type of lily?

  4. Wonderful boys you have. Hope you enjoyed your birthdays xx

  5. awww. sweet gifts from both. i'd say some sort of lily, too.

  6. Hey! Happy Birthday!! I don't know about the flowers either but they're beautiful! And all those books?! Yay for books! My kind of birthday gifts. :D - I'm sorry you're still sick. That stinks but like you said, you've got some great books to curl up with. Feel better. And what a trooper to post while you're ill. You're a much stronger, more devoted blogger than I. <3

  7. Hope you feel better soon ~ and happy birthdays! I think the flowers may be alstroemeria :-)


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