Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Empty Nest

I don't know how many of you have had this happen, but I would venture to say there are a few out there that know about my subject for the day: EMPTY NEST SYNDROME, also titled: THEY ALL COME BACK.

Those tiny babies grow and become adults and know the world is better. They leave and break your heart leaving the house seeming like a funeral parlor. You finally get somewhat used to the emptiness and they return for a short while to get their bearings and you get used to having them around again.

I am once again happy with the chick in the nest, but I know he will get another heading and leave again and though I try to protect myself from that empty feeling. I know it will come again. My daughter came back twice and one son came back six times and needed to be helped out the door – there are limits, you know.

So no matter how much they say "I can't wait until I'm eighteen and get away from here." Chances are, they will return and you'll wish you hadn't completely destroyed their room.

Have a great one, people!


  1. returned from chicago, was it? uh oh. sorry to hear that.

  2. Is he back for 'good'? It's funny to read this because I was just thinking about this very thing as I watched the last of our baby robins leave the nest. We're also watching the bald eagles (babies) via live cam as they spread their wings and practice flying in the nest. It's amazing the similarities - baby birds and baby humans. lol. Enjoy your son while he's there! I love the title, THEY ALL COME BACK.. HAHA.

  3. I am going through this at the moment. They have both left me! I can't see them coming back right now they are both so happy but if they do want to come back I will welcome them with open arms but will keep my heart in check. I don't think I could survive the heart break a second time. Thank your for your wise words.

  4. In some ways I have been spared this experience that all you breeders (lol) eventually experience. I probably wouldn't have handled it well at all!! In fact, being a parent I feel is something that some are born with. So I guess 'someone' knew what She was doing.....

  5. By the time both my girls moved out of the house, I was singing Happy Days are Here Again. They were both lived at home until after they graduated from college. If they needed to move back home for some reason, I would certainly welcome them but would probably be singing that song when they once again left home.

  6. Once my little birdies left the nest, they never did return (permanently.) I guess I'm happy about that, because they are both successful adults -- but I do miss them when they are not here. :)


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