Thursday, May 31, 2012

June 1 Birthday Bash

    Sending Happy Birthday Wishes to some very special people around the planet! 

    Janet and John will be celebrating their 50th Birthdays, yep that's half a century of being wonderful, loving and kind. To the Queen of fundraising and the King of Chickendom I salute you and wish you the very best! (Also take care of yourselves, your warranty has now expired.)

    Jason, my dear son, have a great day Mom loves you even when she's being a bitch. Have a good one!

    Marrilee, my lifelong friend, I hope your day is filled with fun, warm hugs and kiddie kisses.

    Dottie, let Wal Mart try to handle it themselves for the day and go have some FUN. You deserve it!

    Now I know I have missed somebody, darned if I can think who, please don't take offense, you know I'm working with 51 cards here, so don't be too hard on me.

Have a Great Birthday, Y'All!


  1. thank you so much!
    the blogging community have been such sweet friends over the years here...
    I appreciate it, so much

  2. 51 cards. ha ha. had to think about that one for a second. :)

  3. Sharon, you are too funny and your joke at the end gave me a much needed grin!! THANKS for that!

  4. I had to think about it longer than anyone, I believe. My gosh.. I'm slow and getting slower. Happy birthday to everyone!

  5. WOW! June 1st is a popular day!! Best wishes everyone.....three days ago! lol


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