Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

"Help me please, the pillow is too soft!"

I'm sorry, I got caught up in the Millennium Series by Stieg Larsson and I think I have that out of my system now! Sometimes an old lady has to do what... Read the third book all day yesterday until the wee hours this morning. 800+ pages, whew! My eyes feel like peeled baby onions. Three straight days of reading and being unsociable, can't help it. WW3 could have happened, you know? Now I have nothing to read... back to the writing maybe.


  1. you're too funny. so is jack! :)

  2. Sometimes you just have to ignore the world and lose yourself in a good book. Sounds like a good idea! Jack is just too cute!

  3. Love Jack, the shoulder sittin' dog. I know when I am reading a book, I just get so into it I don't want to do anything else.

  4. Too funny! I see who wears the pants now! Jack!
    I suppose the reading will inspire and help with the writing? What do I know!

  5. Sometimes going into a make believe world sounds like the ideal thing to do. Sounds like a great read maybe I'm
    Ll get them and see for myself. Glad your back.

  6. Taking a pc break is a good thing! :)

  7. I'm glad you're back as well Sharon. Have to agree, its fun to lose yourself in a book - my recent one was Cloudstreet by Tim Winton.

    Back to the writing - yes please!!
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters


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