Monday, September 17, 2012

We Got Rain!

It looks like we have some dirty work ahead, even with the splash thing-a-ma-bobs the water is too close to the foundation.

It wasn't raining heavy when I took the pictures - I was hanging out of the window. :-) We did get our rain though - a real good soaking rain!


  1. awesome! we got a day of light sprinkles. it only amounted to 1/4 inch, but i was happy to get it. :)

  2. Rain is good, I can't wait until we get some here on this dry land. I may have to wait a while though.

  3. Oh Sharon I hadn't thought about the new downspouts draining the water to close to the house--We have those big plastic corrugated tubes from Lowes that work great--They don't look so good, but they work, and I guess that's what matters. Your rain is supposed to show up here tomorrow.

  4. Yeah for rain! We got some too and I am glad,we were getting pretty dusty around here.

  5. Thanks for sending it this way!! Is that possible? All the way up here! Doubt it, I think our rain is coming from Ontario this time.
    We had the same problem....just get an extension pipe to fit into that 'downspout' and it will empty a few yards away from the foundation.

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