Monday, September 3, 2012

Tacky Funny Fur

Note: Longer fur on the back

Tacky is just a little strange

Her long fur has red tips. Still looking for a home for her. DH had her litter box trained until the skunk came around, now she won't live in the garage anymore. She stays under the porch or on it. I can't have another house cat, she's very lovable and it does make it hard.


  1. What a sweet face,I hope you can find her a home.We can't have house cats either because of one of our dogs but we have 2 barn cats and they seem perfectly happy.

  2. poor baby. she does have some cool fur.

  3. Look at those eyes! And red-tipped fur!! Someone must want her.....any senior homes in the area or town? Some have animals for therapy. Never know.

  4. She is adorable. I do hope you can find a home for her.

  5. I've had cats all my married life. After the last one died I decided not to have anymore. I have my little dog and that will be the last of pets as I'd like to be free of the commitment. I do love your kitty though. Very pretty. Sue


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