Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just another one of my days...

The buck is no longer with the herd.  Sure hope it's because it's "Boys Night Out"

This is what happens when a tree decides to fall as you are cruising down the highway. It hit the latch, the hood flew up breaking the windshield and the airbags were deployed. The car is totaled. Funny thing is - the man who lived across the hwy from it had called about the danger BEFORE and nothing was done. They had the mess cleaned up right away though.
So, how is everything in your neighborhood?


  1. so that obviously wasn't your car, then. and hopefully everyone was okay inside of it. yikes!

  2. OUCH! I hope the passengers are ok, what a nasty accident.. and I also hope the Buck is just out with the boys and not out for good...ugh!
    The pink heart candy box was my valentines gift (we ate them up a week!) this year, I told my hubby no flowers or balloons. He also bought me a bunny for my valentines gift but it isn't here yet, I'll show it when it gets here. I'm sorry you didn't have such a good day, I actually have a nasty cough and sore throat that came out of nowhere...I just had a cold at christmas! go figure...double ugh! have a nice evening, hugs Jennifer

  3. His car, not mine... but guess who's he is taking now instead??? I will be carless or car deficient or um... on foot.

  4. Geez - that could have easily been a very bad accident. Count your blessings, Sharon. Sorry though -- not fun at all.

  5. Well thank God no one was hurt! Everything is great here weather notwithstanding. I personally am ready for Spring....*sigh*.
    Have a happy weekend and stay safe!
    Tina xo

  6. That is awful! I do hope nobody was hurt with that accident.

  7. WOW! Lucky hubby for escaping as well as he did!
    Can't he get an insurance 'rental' till he gets another car?

  8. Oh My!! So this is the car?? Wow... Bobby was very lucky.

  9. Seems like this can happen here too. Only in our case the Staples sign reported blew down with a gust of wind just as lady was going to do last minute Christmas shopping. She's now in heaven I hope because she died almost instantly. Staples is paying family damages but their Christmases will never be the same:(


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