Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Out My Back Door

Somebody got out this morning.

Watching the "Cow" show.

Jack baptizing my new wheels.

Peach tree update.

Tacky has spotted something.

"What? I can't bark at the cow?"


  1. so you got a new car?! yay!

    i had a young heifer or bull calf visit my pond trail yesterday afternoon. by the time i got out there to try to i.d. its ear tag, the dogs had barked it back from whence it came, i guess. :)

  2. Hee hee -- looks like things are jumpin' around your place Sharon. xo

  3. Looks like it's been exciting!

  4. Now THAT would be something to see out the back door!
    Tacky looks great!!
    Now that the car has been 'christened', you are set to go!! lol

  5. Is that a convertible I see? Hawt diggity dawg! When the temps get warmer, throw a cooler in the back and come on by and pick me up. We be cruisin' girl-friend!
    Look out USA... here we come! I have an adapter - We can plug the oxygen into the cigarette lighter. No worries. Wait. That's not a convertible, is it? Well, it kinda looked like one at a glance. haha.. guess Jack has laid claim to the wheel anyway...

  6. Our fruit trees are trying to bloom too. Actually, one nectarine already has and we are supposed to freeze Sat night..sigh.

  7. Hi Sharon! first, I hope your husbands hand is doing better...I never trust anything that say's it's find out years later it's caustic and causes health issues. I can't believe jack...LOL! maybe he doesn't like the color? LOL! I think your going to have fun tooling around in that baby :o) It's snowing here this morning, if I had a peach tree it would probably need a coat. Have a great day, and a nice weekend...I'm going to start the weekend early. I'll be back next week! Hugs Jennifer

  8. The grass still has that winters look about it does it not?

  9. Oh, boy. Cow out isn't that strange around here. Horse, either, for that matter. Once even our llamas got out, at different times... However, the christening is performed by our CATS, not the dog. Go figure.


  10. How funny! I loved this, thanks for making me laugh and giggle.


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