Friday, March 1, 2013

Do Lions Spit?

Ctenanthe lubbersii

My DH bought me this sad looking plant and wonders how long it will take me to kill it. It was wrapped in a net thing and I think was possibly exposed to frost. I will try (as I do with all things) to keep it alive.

I was also trying to get a picture of the pitiful (thank heavens) snowfall that we are getting. March is coming in spitting. I don't know when it will warm up, I am waiting. (drumming fingers on arm of the chair)

Not much going on that I can talk about... Just stopping by to say "Hi!"


  1. i like your title.

    so far, march is starting out pretty pitiful. all i can say is it better get its act together! and i'm not talking about weather! :)

  2. I am sure lions do spit when they are pushed!!
    Nice [plant. A suggestion: don't over-water it. Let it dry out, then give it a good drink. And don't fry it in direct sunlight......lots of light but not direct sun. How do I know? Well....I learned the hard way! lol
    We just missed a snow storm here today while the rest of the province got nailed!
    Have agreat weekend Sharon.

  3. Try a bit of tender lovin' care...and hopefully it will thrive. Had a few flurries yesterday and it's chilly but thankfully no real snow.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend,

  4. My indoor plants survive despite my neglect, I'm not sure how they do it!

    I'm wishing for spring too, but am secretly hoping that the weather mid week turns into something that I can at least make a snowball from! :-)

  5. No spitting here - just a lack of water all round. Maybe a quick snowfall would cool the place down and then melt to give the garden some much needed moisture!
    Just kidding I loathe the cold more than I do the heat lol

    Indoor plants and me do not mix either - it would have turned it nose and tried to retreat the minute it walked in the door
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  6. It was cold, sunny and calm yesterday. I assume March will go out with a bang then.

    Re-pot that poor plant and it may have a chance! Lol.


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