Friday, May 17, 2013

I miss my use of my camera...

After nearly two years of falling over the box, DH finally hung this up for me. Now to get him to put up the lights in the bathroom! (Not going to hold my breath though.)

Still fighting the side effects of antibiotics, pain pills and nausea pills. At least the hole has quit oozing. When my head quits spinning and doesn't hurt anymore, I have (gasp!) plans on going on w/my life.

I am bored stiff, but brain isn't functioning properly. I hope we can figure out my camera's problem. I took this with the one on my laptop. It goes w/out saying that I will NOT be getting a new camera. My argument for getting the big one was "It will outlast me", oops.


  1. yay for ceiling fans! just in time for summer's heat! sorry about the camera troubles, though! good luck!

  2. Yes, those kind of comments can come back to bite one in the buns, can they not? I have true empathy for you with the boredom part. When I broke my leg, I was on painkillers, and NOTHING was really do-able. I tried reading, and after reading the same page three or four times, and remembering none of it... Knitting. Oh, my word, what a mess. Even TV was a challenge. So I wanted to do something, but couldn't. I still seemed effective at talking non-stop to Husband, however. I don't know if this was good or bad. It WAS funny, according to Husband.


  3. I gathered something has happened to you...from "Going Gently"!!! a tooth pulled? I was going to add "or worse" but what could be worse than having a tooth pulled. I hate taking pain pills...sometimes the pain is better than how the pills make me feel! so I hope you're on the mend and thanks for commenting on my tomato! so sorry about whatever's happened to your camera...that's right up there with being without a computer...YIKES!!! Now I know why I haven't seen you on Facebook :(

  4. Now that wasn't a bad shot form computer camera!!
    Oh those unfinished projects!!!....definitely a 'man thing'!! lol

  5. Sorry to hear the camera isn't working. Hope you keep improving.

  6. Awe I can just imagine that you feel down. And I am here today to say thanks for remembering to visit my blog. I have not been on the laptop since I was very busy nursing the cancer beast again !! seems I might be mending ! prayng it's so!!
    Like you I'm not done yet with living.

  7. I will agree with Jim here... I think this is a man thing. I can't begin to tell you how many projects are waiting on Gary but he pretty much does the ones that are his idea and are on his list, and mine sit there and wait. I just thought about that again today as I dusted around the full length mirror that sits leaning up against a wall in the dining room (from 2 years ago - a yard sale find) waiting to be hung. *sigh*
    At least DH got the ceiling fan up in time for summer... :-)
    Now get better!! It's convertible weather, ya know?


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