Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What is happening?

Could someone with my email, please tell me (in grandma speak) what is going to happen with blogger? It seems so many are jumping ship and I worry that blogger is sinking. 

I really, really, seriously, really hate to have to learn anything new for a while. I have a bad case of overlap-overload.

Are our blogs just going to vanish?

Just call me puzzled.



  1. Well I'm staying around, and I hope YOU will too, because you're great company!!!! :-)!!!

    PS: Hope 'DH' is better!!!!

  2. To my knowledge Blogger isn't going away. The RSS feed is going to go away, so if you get blogs through a reader, you'll have to find a different way to get notifications and read blogs. They are also trying to push people to using Google+ for comments, but that is horrible in my opinion.

  3. i've not read anything, yet, that google is shutting down blogger. only that they are doing away with google reader on july 1st (it was a way to read all your 'followed' blogs and other subscription feeds in one place, but there are other versions like that can replace it).
    i do know google is trying to force more folks into using google+ - wanting folks to link their blog to google+, use the google+ comment form, etc. i'm guessing they'll do away with the google friend connect (the follower block) soon and force folks to use google+ as a way to follow.

    when they get to that point, i'll consider whether to continue blogging. until then, i'll resist google+ as much as i can. :)

  4. I'm with you Sharon... I don't want to learn one more new thing. If it changes too much, I will quit. I'm having a little trouble keeping up so as it is... Hopefully there will be no big changes. We'll see...

  5. Hello Sharon
    First of all (from what I've read) I don't think anything will happen with blogger/blogspot blogs - but then you never know.
    Years ago before I discovered GR I used a site called Bloglines. It works in the same way as GR in that it receives the RSS feed from blogs and other sites and you can then read them the same way as GR.

    I never closed my account so am slowly adding my daily GR reads to their site - 99% of blogs have an RSS feed of some sort so all you do is copy the url of the blog and paste it into a box and away you go. The layout is slightly different but lets just say - at the moment it's going to be better than nothing.

    I hadn't been on the site for years and found it fun to read all the blogs I had listed there from years ago some of which I'd lost interest in and didn't have them on GR. it and see what you think
    Take care
    ps what beautiful blue eyes your man has - such a shame not to be able to see both of them. Hope he is much better now.

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  6. Have just given you all that spiel and realised its not what you were actaully asking about!
    As I said I have no idea what will happen with Blogger/Blogspot.
    I will say that having made to move to W/press a yeara ago I'm feeling better about it.
    If you are really worried and want to keep some of your content (just in case it does dissapear) - select copy and paste to word. Will take a while but you'll have your work there to look back on

  7. I haven't hear anything about blogger going away, but I do suspect there will be more changes down the road. I really don't want to switch to another platform (I tried Squarespace, but didn't like it.)

  8. Sharon, have no idea that Google/blogger is going away! I didn't/don't like being pushed into Google+, I've read that it's meant to be competition for Facebook...I looked at it, didn't like it! I didn't even know about the feed issue, what's that all about? I also didn't like the fact that I could never find other art blogs to "like" or "follow" unless I happened on them accidentally :( so that's why I took my art blog to WordPress...where I've easily found 100s of arty blogs! I'm keeping my blogger blog til the day comes that Google/blogger shut their stuff down! it's all about who has the bigger share of the internet pie...apparently Google/blogger felt they didn't have a big enough share! as someone above said...I'd start now making copies of posts you want to save!

  9. When I had the flu last year, I dreamed I was in the Tower of London and a Google employee was winding up all my blog posts on a huge spindle, or roll. I had been watching The Tudors reruns at the time, hence the Tower scene. And I had already then began to sense Google's take-over plans. I think I will just stop blogging too if that happens or maybe go to Wordpress as I do like to write and take pictures. I may do some of those books, forget what they are called now to keep some of my Samson posts.

  10. I think they will and are going to change things a bit as they always do but I haven't heard about them leaving.

  11. Just the RSS feed and reader is leaving. The tech is changing and I guess they want us to put ourselves into google+ but that gets crazier because it becomes too much mixed with personal stuff. I joined but have neglected it because I dislike the format.

  12. Im staying. They have changed it in the past and will again. It I'm sure after we get used to it will be ok


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