Thursday, August 15, 2013

House Hunting Part 3

Well..... Today was not our lucky day. The main place we were looking at stunk, literally. Not sure we would ever get the cigarette (or Mary Jane) smell out of the place. Then there was a bigger let down - no bathtub! Talk about insult to injury! Also three very old fashioned windows were broken, not easy to match.

We also went to look at this darling two story, two bedroom home that just needed flooring in the upstairs. We pulled in, I saw the fascia was messed up... fixable, no problem. Walked on the porch and noticed the trim holding the oval cut-glass panel in the front door was missing... one push and it would be a goner. He carefully opened the door to shout "Hello?" and I smelled the mildew and saw the POOL of water in the middle of the dip in the living room floor, kiddie sized and at least 1" deep in the middle. I said, "Let's go." It didn't look so 'darling' any more.

Another house was very tiny, it was neat, clean, and quite tidy looking. Brand new carpeting except in the kitchen and bathroom. UGLY brand new smelly carpeting. No fence for the kids, no central unit... sigh...

Another house we looked at, wasn't much different from the house here, but not nearly as cute and not much in quantity of neighbors. There were two near by. Broken window, for obviously a long time, the second panel was about to fall out and the wood was fuzzy green. (We have all new windows here BTW) Obviously the elements have had their way into the house. Tennessee is one damp, moldy place.

Last, but not least, the realtor had told me that the house I had wanted in the first place had been sold, but we could probably buy it from the guy who bought it. A very charming, old style traditional home with character. We went to look. I shouldn't have, it was such a disappointment. The roof leaked, the walls were warped something... it wasn't sheet rock or paneling, they had papered over it and then painted that in gaudy colors. The living room floor rippled. Ruined my day.

The absolute frosting on the cake - went to our favorite Chinese place for a late lunch and it's not our favorite any more. It was all really bad, will never go back. The cook must have quit.

My breathing medicine makes it difficult to get to sleep. Three days of Spiriva and I am wound tighter than a spring. 4:15 a.m. and I am wide awake - even after taking a Xanax. I will be dragging... The realtor bugged a neighbor in the neighborhood into selling her house and we will look at it in about 9 hours... If I can keep my eyelids open. I am already tired of looking at houses, almost ready to make the stinky house guy and offer and hire painters and a plumber for a tub and try to order windows.............


  1. Another day, another house to look at. Good luck with this one! He must be one heck of a Realtor to get this woman to sell!

  2. Doesn't your realtor check these houses out ahead of time, so you won't be wasting so much time? I have some experience with house hunting, and I have been dragged along to some awful homes, but for you it seems to be every one you see. Anyway, I wish you all the best. Sorry about the Chine food too.

  3. I'm sure your perfect house is just around the corner. Don't give up hope. Try and rest, be well xx

  4. Thanks for letting me go house hunting with you. It's soo hot here in south Texas this is the best way to do it under the air conditioning. I do hope you find something you like soon.

  5. It's not easy finding a suitable home. Hang in there!

  6. Poor you, it all sounds arduous. I can also relate to the need for sleep. i feel like its been forever since i just fell asleep and stayed there for 8 hours x

  7. House hunting -- blech! Until you find the right one. Then the sun comes out and angels sing. :)


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