Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Had to Ask

Roses never hurt!
DH went shopping this morning. He came back with these roses. Of course, I was leery... I mean, I am not taking pictures, it's not a "special" day, so I had to ask... Why? You know what he said?
"I don't need to have a reason to buy you flowers." I thought that was pretty nice. (But the devil in my head wonders, what he did or what he wants, LOL)


  1. Whatever his motive, they are lovely!! (But I'd be a little suspicious too, Carl just doesn't do that either!)

  2. John picks me a wildflower once in a while.

  3. Its a beautiful gesture to just bring home flowers for no reason, but like you I would wonder why?

  4. Wouldn't it be great if we could accept out of the ordinary gifts without questioning them - not going to happen with most of us is it lol
    Those roses do look absolutely fabulous - bet each time you look at them you wonder why tho :)

  5. Beautiful! Enjoy them.


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