Monday, December 9, 2013

Straight from "Frustration Road"

I'm on - kinda sorta. Managed to get Chapter 2 up on my link. Blogger hates me, the battery wasn't the problem, think it's the gizmo itself. I am about batty here with no real internet. (I did get the laundry taken care of and watched a few movies, but not being able to get online and have it stay has me losing my hair.

This has got to be the crappiest beginning of December since I moved down here. I'm looking at warmer places... What the heck has happened in TX and CA? The whole country is cold... Hmm... Florida... Mexico?

My teeth come out Friday. He did another impression and managed to break the broken tooth even more. I feel so dang glamorous, you have no idea. I did take a picture, but nobody is going to see it. Yep, it's that bad.

I hope everyone is staying safe and not sliding into the ditches. Have patience... Things will get better - come April.


  1. I hope they fix your teeth soon and you don't have any more pain. Even though it's summer here the weather has been cool and it's been very wet here. Not complaining as I do not like the heat, but as all the paddocks are soaked less rain would be nice.

  2. 22 degrees this morning in NE Tx. it has gotten above freezing for a few hours the last 2 days, but it has also been cold enough, long enough, that ice is now forming around the pond. poor ducks. :)

    i hope the teeth extraction will go as well as it can. we want you back in top form soon...

  3. Busy day yesterday and missed this post Sharon. Thanks for the update.
    Seems everyone else but us here on east coast of Nova Scotia is getting all the lousy weather.
    Good luck Friday......but you will feel a lot better I am sure....just make sure the dentures fit properly....I hear that makes all the difference.

  4. 8 degrees here this morning and this is California, albeit in the mountains. It has been like this for a week now, with the exception of Saturday when it was 32 and a howling, whiteout, snow storm. I understand from blogger friends that it is OK in Florida, 82 I think I heard. Read. I feel for you and your teeth. Take care, my friend.

  5. We had some sunshine today ( Tuesday). It would have been warm if not for a cold breeze. The best of luck to you Friday.

  6. Sorry things are so rough right now. You'd think in such an industrialized country we could at least have reliable Internet.

  7. Come on ... show us a picture ... please. I could do with a good belly laugh!! Happy Christmas and relax. Things could be worse ... you could have no heat. Brrr ... I'll send you some of my sunshine. Hugs Sue

  8. Florida is supposed to be warm last I heard. No snow here now, Samson's looking for it when we go outside. Poor thing, he really is a snow dog.


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