Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Not the whole tooth...

9 a.m. fog is just beginning to thin

Piece of tooth I lost, compared to ladybug.
Good morning folks, foggy morning out there, but getting better. I had thought to go to Verizon today and see about a battery for my wifi or if it is something wrong with the gadget itself. I've had it 2 1/2 years now, but seems no matter what you pay - everything is disposable now.

Saturday, I broke off part of one of my front teeth. It may be small, but it feels like the Grand Canyon. I think I mentioned they were falling apart and the reason they had to go. The edge is sharp and tearing at my lip. Air hurts this one too. Well, in 10 days I will really be miserable, so no sense griping too much... right now, or I will be the boy that cried wolf... I will say that I look like a scary old witch, about now.

Tuesday's chapter is up. I tried scheduling it. HAH! Why do they offer it if it isn't going to happen?

Have a great day, if you can!



  1. ouch on the tooth! and worse, that it is in front and is air sensitive!

  2. So sorry about your tooth. I know you will be glad when that is all done and over. I wish you well.

  3. Ouchie!! 10 days, eh? You will be so glad to have it over with...

  4. Bad tooth!
    And yes, things are not made to last anymore... the sooner they break, the better for someone= not us.

  5. Sorry about the tooth. Hope things get better soon.


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