Friday, June 20, 2014

Jill Suvives (but not our wallet)

Just a short shot here tonight. Jill was not as nervous when we put her in the car this morning, but she was still shaky. When we picked her up, it was, "Oh, there's the car. I want to get in." Her eyes were only half open and she was a tad unsteady as she jumped into the back seat with me. No shaking, no panting, nothing when we started home. She curiously looked up at corners, and did a little coughing - I was worried that she was going to get sick, but we made it home okay. She got out of the car, heading for the back door and I told her to 'go potty'. The poor girl must have held it all day, even in her sleep! She did a little bobbing and weaving, going up the steps, into the kitchen, and headed straight for her water bowl. That taken care of - she went to bed to sleep it off some more.

I couldn't believe it, cost for knock out and tooth cleaning - $180. I guess I live in the old days, OMG!

I couldn't understand why so many sample downloads of "The Kindness of Strangers" and only 2 purchases. Somehow, someone besides me played with it. It had been redone twice and when I looked - my italics were gone! I never got a ticket or a notice, I had no clue! I had it reformatted and have resubmitted it...


  1. Oh yes I've come to the occlusion that vets have discovered teeth are a big money spinner. Actually it's the anaesthetic that bumps the cost up - no numbing jab and hold your head still for
    If she's anything like the cats we've had, once she's slept it off Jill will be looking for food

  2. doesn't seem too steep for me as i've gotten accustomed to shelling out $ for my kids... *sigh*

    glad she made it through.

  3. More then John's cleaning and check up (he refused to have erays) today. Glad you baby has that over with.

  4. Glad she is ok. Yes vet bills are getting scary. It's going to be that soon people will be putting their pets to sleep because they can't afford to have their pets taken care of. It's really a sad thing.


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