Friday, June 27, 2014

Just a taste of what you could be missing... maybe

I don't know - I just sort of skimmed though a little bit, I don't think I am such a horrible writer. Mistakes, I'm sure, never doubted it. Here is an excerpt from "Bad Things". Of course, it may not make sense to you without reading Book 1 and Book 2. This one seems to have a bad reputation. Oh, well, I liked it. 

They rode facing into the sun. She wished she had Philip’s dark glasses. She thought about her dream of just driving casually along with the wind tossing her hair, enjoying the scenery. Here she sat, sweating like a butcher with her hair sticking to her face, and getting there her only goal.

“We should have taken the train,” she said.

“I had thought that too,” Beth replied.

The auto began coughing and jerking. Julia looked at the gauge and then back at the road. Now, it’s suppertime. She didn’t see anyone on the road or a gasoline station, nothing but trees, not even a house. She swore softly, letting the Chevrolet coast to a stop at the bottom of a hill.

“We’re out of gasoline?”

“Yes, we are out of gasoline. I do not understand why, we got gasoline at lunchtime,” Julia reminded her.

“What can we do now?” Beth asked, although she knew what Julia would say before she said it.

“We have to sit right here and wait. If we have to sleep in the auto, it will not kill us.”

Hours later, two figures leaned in the seats covered with their dusters. The mosquitoes were ravenous. The bugs were busy making their noises and an unhappy owl hooted somewhere out in the woods. Not a single auto, motor truck, or horse had come down the road. Beth thought she heard someone walking in the woods. She began to speak when she heard Julia say, “Sh...”

Julia had peeked to see a bear walking in the faint moonlight. She touched the gun in her pocket, instantly realizing that would not be a good idea. She had luckily hit the horse successfully, because it wasn’t going anywhere. Gradually the bear lumbered out of sight. She hoped that it had no intention of returning.


  1. thelma and louise in the older days! :)

  2. This will get me back to reading and completing your series......finally! Not that I didn't like it Sharon, but life got in the way, as it tends to do.
    The important thing, I think, is that you wrote these and put them out there. Very brave of you.
    You ought to be proud.


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