Sunday, December 28, 2014


Okay, so I did some 'after Christmas' shopping with hopes of buying some footed pajamas to lounge around in on the cold winter days ahead. You have to know I am too cheap to pay full price. It is going to get colder though...

Well, I get a message that all of my order is out of stock. Talk about freaking me out! I ordered two pair of the all in one, a new robe, a set of thermals, a pr. of fleece lined leggings, a new jacket, and a pair of shoes.

None? I had spent almost two hours on that bleep site! They wanted me to shop again. Were they kidding? Go through that all over again? No, not me!

My next message came and it seems that the pair of leopard sleepers (described as a 14K gold Figueroa chain) was not in stock, but the others would ship.

Now, I have gotten various emails saying this one or that one has shipped (Hah) and they will be here in 11days. But no leopard pjs.

BTW, I looked and the leopard pjs are still for sale in my size, but the price has gone up. Hmm... I guess I will see what I get when it gets here - in various packages from different places. Going to the mailbox will be like Christmas all over again. 

No birds at the feeders yet, BUT, they are doing 'fly-bys' and I believe they are checking them out. We have had so much rain that the redwood stain is washing out of the wood feeder. The little woodpecker is back in the old fig.

My father, had he lived so long, would have been 103 years old today. Happy Birthday, Dad.

No, I'm telling you right now, I will not be modeling my bunny suit.

Have a good Sunday!


  1. I don't see why you won't model your bunny suit. Bet it will be warm and comfy. I wish I liked to shop online, I get so tired on those cement floors. I also like to get packages in the mail.

  2. sounds like they're doing a bit of 'bait and switch' on you for merchandise. hope you get something you want and it fits, too!

  3. Frustrating when that happens!
    WHAT? No bunny photo! You're no fun!

  4. Awwwww but I really want to see you in it. You would look so cute lol I have some onesies as they are called here but they don't have feet. I got them on sale at the end of winter so I can't wait to wear them next year. Hopefully they will be at your place very soon xx

  5. I love online shopping, but what I do not love is when they send things separately.. it's hard to keep track. This made me laugh, because Gary a couple of years ago decided he wanted to try the footed PJ's as well. I can't begin to tell you how funny they looked on him, but he didn't care, he just wanted to be warm at night. Problem was, they were not quite big enough so they ended up on the closet floor. I just threw them out not long ago, brand spanking new footed pj's and I think there were bears on them.. lol. If I still had them I would have sent them your way. I myself would get super hot and never be able to sleep in footed pj's. For me, less is best. But, I love yours and I do think you should model them. C'mon. Maybe a shot of moonshine on a cold winter's night and a photo shoot with DH taking the pictures. lol Love it! ps really enjoying the book!!

    1. Boy, do you dream!
      re: " Maybe a shot of moonshine on a cold winter's night and a photo shoot with DH taking the pictures. lol Love it!"
      Have you been in your cups?


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