Saturday, December 5, 2015

Rabbit Hole Reading

I am enjoying the Kindle unlimited so far. I believe it's worth it. This past week I read the 4 books(sections) of Mabel Crowley By E. H. Nolan. Set just before WW1 until near the end of WW2. A Young woman's story of life in Great Britain to middle age and how things can get screwed up. I am no reviewer, but I did enjoy reading this to it's satisfying ending. 4-5* Needs Kleenex. Well Written.

I also read the Montana Sky Series - basic six books - written by Debra Holland. Set in later 1800s, about the various lives of families settling in a small Montana town over decade or so. They read as separate novellas, but start at the beginning as some of the characters are mentioned as you read along in the other stories. I found this under romance, western, historical - fiction. All nice clean stories. 4-5* Well Written.

Also, counted but time I can't get back - Wool, and a couple of mail-order-groom pap - unrated.

I try to read nice clean fiction. If I see 'bulging' or such - I don't finish reading. I figure that I have a good enough imagination and I don't have a need to read the sordid details. I read for the story, not for structure, although if anything is too bad, it's a waste of time. I find other folk's flaws before I can spot mine. LOL.

Have a good week!


  1. Enjoy your reading. I read in spurts. Have a book going all time for a while then quit for a while. If I'm reading a good book I don't want to finish, I want to make it last. I know most people want to finish a book they like fast.

  2. I have the kindle app on my iPad. I've gots lost of free books on it and I'll spend the warmer months reading. When It's just too hot to do anything else


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