Sunday, March 27, 2016


I caught this little guy filching seed from the bird feeder. Thought it looked cute the way he is clutching his booty in his paw rather than his cheeks. Haven't seen any of these guys in quite a while - the dogs (not just mine) keep them run off.


  1. I love squirrels and don't mind feeding them. They provide hours of entertainment. It is wise though to keep an eye on your attic and a screen over your chimney. I've read they do not carry rabies.

  2. Cute! We see one here at times stealing pecans.

  3. Have a number of them here and I've discovered that they don't do sunflower seeds or peanuts.

  4. Thought there was a gun shot in the back the other day, but a squirrel had climbed a power pole and jumped on a transformer and got his ass transformed, yup, transferred to its next experience, level.

    You do facebook?

    1. Poor squirrel!

      Kind of, I do dogs, goats, and flowers. (and the like)

      I don't do: Politics, Religion, or off color things because of my friends. (They embarrass easier than I do.) :)

      Sherry Qualls

  5. There been a small come back on grey squirrels here. Coffee is on


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