Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon, Isaac and Helper

Moon and the remnants of Isaac

Tacky, my helper (NOT!)

Blue moon and the haze of clouds, Very windy w/high humidity. I came in and my shirt was actually damp. Not good for me to be outside. The air was too thick to get a good shot.  Sorry :(


  1. Great pictures Sharon! I missed the moon last night for the same reason you almost didn't get your shots--Those darn clouds!

    Enjoy your Saturday!

  2. Great shots was clear here last and I'm sorry I didn't get any photos.

  3. it's still a good one! we had a lot of clouds, too. just a peek of moon now and then.

  4. At least you got some shots! And they are great ones Sharon.
    Si it's Tacky, is it?! How cute is he/she?! You are all bark and no bite! That would be you, Sharon, not Tacky!! lol


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