Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's all about the grub...

Al-righty, DH took me shopping this morning and he dropped me off at (shudder, quake) Wally World! He said I would have my choice of better brands and a wider selection. He went to Target for the things I needed there.

We all know that I do not (make that NOT) like the place. Because I am having difficulty with walking and breathing, I used one of their electric carts. The (ahem) store is so obliging to us handicapped folk. This, however, is as far as they go with their obligation.

There are no prices of the items on the shelves, the prices are above and set back from the products. You have to do some fancy driving or ask other customers what the *bleep* sign says. I drove all over the grocery section to find a can of tamales, I did find two sections with like foods, but never the tamales. (I get a hankering for them every now and then.)

There is also that business that they have the lowest prices and will match any ad. Um,  I'm from out of town, do I have to buy the right day's paper and clip the ads? Their regular prices of non-sale food item that are not usually advertised, were higher by like 20 cents. I am not going to be impressed.

I only found about half of what I wanted because of their 'marketing strategies' of moving things around all the time and dropping items that are not money makers. 

I will eat this week, but no thanks to that *bleep* place. It would be nice if they had more handicap parking spots too. DH had to park to hell and gone. Not happy with that place, nope, not happy at all.

Well, on to the new week. I hope you have a good one!




  1. i always hate the 'hit and miss' inventory they keep. sometimes they have it; sometimes not.

  2. You're reminding me of why I never shop at Wal-Mart and it begins at the parking lot, which always reminds me of a quote that I heard that goes, "the road to hell is through the Wal-Mart parking lot!" :-)

    I hope you have good week!!

  3. Shopping is hard enough as it is. I hate grocery shopping but force myself each week. Its a part of my 'get out of the house' goal. Yuck .

  4. Hi just had to come over from "Runaround Ranch Report" blog because your's was the only comment I saw that called the Turkey Vultures a Buzzard which is what everyone around here calls them. Nice Monday to you tomorrow from Paula from south Texas.

  5. I hate how they are constantly moving things. They don't care about their customers, its all about the almighty dollar for them.

  6. That's where I'm headed today to pick up 4th supplies. Not a big fan, but they have what I need.

  7. Hello SJ - nice to meet you. I have come over from John(Going Gently)'s blog when I read you were an 'elderly lady' - same here. Blogging keeps me sane and on days when I find walking less easy I can have a good laugh - particularly at John's blog which is always a joy to read. Pop over and see me sometime.

  8. I just hate shopping no matter what. Glad you're not going to starve at least.


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