Thursday, June 27, 2013

Totally Random Report

No picture today. We had a storm go through some time, early this morning. The power went out. There was lots of rain and thunder boomers. I dragged my buns out of bed when it first started, to take the dogs' fence collars off. I almost did it in my sleep. I don't know if the line was hit or it was the surge, but I no longer have a telephone OR my cell! We have (make that had) that signal booster and it's shot too.

Jack and Jill stayed hiding until it was already miserably hot outside. I'm just glad that I had their collars off.

Sent J2 off to be formatted.

I am out of goodies... Too yucky to get out. How am I ever going to keep my girlish figure? I guess I will have to email someone to bring me goodies or another phone! 

I hope you weren't swamped in the night!



  1. oh, power outage is one thing, but if it zapped electronics, that's not good! good luck (and SO glad you saved jack and jill from being zinged!)

  2. Sounds terrible, here's hoping the power comes back very soon and there isn't any permit damage.

  3. That was close! Would they have gotten a zap? Never knew that could happen!
    I trust your are all powered up by now too. Now don't starve yourself Missy!

  4. Sounds awful. Raining and cold here is Australia ( near Sydney). I found you through Angela xx

  5. Those storms can be scary -- but you are likely an old hat at this type of thing. :)


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