Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Almost back

Okay, my Nano quest is over. I am done writing for a while. I tried to make an adult content link... can't figure it out. I am tired...

Biggest thing on my mind right now is having my top teeth all yanked out on (get this) Friday the 13th! They are killing me...
So far my grocery list has yogurt, jello and pudding on it - I won't want any lumps, that's for sure!

Man, it is so cold for TN! Yesterday the temp here was the same as St. Paul, MN. That is just plain unreal!

My wifi thingy lasts about half an hour now, I need a new battery really bad, but I am not going out to have the cold wind whistling through my teeth... That rock and hard place are squashing me pretty darn hard.

Catch Ya later!


  1. Well at least you can eat all the ice cream that you want afterwards

  2. glad your writing went well! as for your teeth pulling... sorry!!!

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  4. all of your top teeth ? wow, thats big. the greatest pain I ever experienced was dental pain and I have had a lot of that this year . poor you xx

  5. Good luck with your teeth extractions and stay warm.

  6. Good luck with your teeth extractions. At least they will give you some good drugs to make you sleep s you won't feel the cold.
    Lots of shakes and soups for you. xxx

  7. You'll sail through it. You won't feel a thing and you'll probably only need some soft foods for a couple of days. I'll be thinking of you on 13th. Sue

  8. Pudding, chocolate PUDDING!!! YAY!

  9. Oh, I hope all goes well with the teeth extractions. I don't have many left myself, so I know what you must be going through. Keep warm and get lots of pudding, chocolate pudding, I'm with SophieDoodle on that.


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