Saturday, October 11, 2014

Transitional weather...

There really is nothing for me to blog about. The weather is going up and down as I am sure yours is as well. We missed the freeze by half the state.

I haven't heard how my grandson is doing. I can only hope he's better. Often, Grandma is out of sight, out of mind. I can't get my mail, let alone drive my car, so...

My shoulder is still a problem. I gave up my other blog and try to stay off my computer - it does help. I think I will pass on the NaNoWriMo this year. Not worth the pain.

I tried to stay up for the blood moon, at 2:00, I noticed spatters on my window and thought to just lie down for a little while and woke up at 8:30. So... I missed it, even if it wasn't rainy. I have no idea if it cleared or not. I've seen some of your shots - very lovely.

DH is working in Kentucky this week, no idea when he will leave for the next job. Jack and Jill are mourning, of course, after having Daddy home 24/7 for almost 4 months, they can't imagine where he's gone.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend.


  1. I hope your shoulder pain subsides. Yes our weather has been very up and down. I'm sure if your grandson was any worse you would hear. Give the puppies lots of extra cuddles they are very good for all of you xx

  2. It is Thanksgiving weekend here and Columbus there, right?
    Weather is changing here quickly too....very cool at night but no frost yet.....soon.
    Working today at shop. Hope its busy and I sell everything!! lol
    Hope your pain subsides and you can get back to your writing routine.
    We just found a bunch of jewelry in a trunk of Ron's mom's. Wish you were here to help us sort through it!! A mix of everything.....junk and not so junk.
    Have a good day and give a hug/pat to J&J.

  3. sorry about your pain. and poor jack and jill. :) we're getting cooler temps yesterday and today and a bit of much-needed rain, so i'm grateful for that.

  4. Take it easy and don't over due it... hope your shoulder feels better. What are you (writing) working on now? Have a good Sunday!

  5. Sorry you're hurting...I know some days when I am basecoating signs, the repetition of movement just about does me in...hope you'll be feeling better soon.

  6. Glad you checked in but understand the pain would keep you from too much computering. Maybe since you haven't heard anything your grandson is doing okay. I hope so.

  7. I missed it too because it was too cloudy here. I'm sorry your shoulder is hurting. When I am on the computer I have to be constantly aware of how I am sitting or my neck will hurt for days..not sure if it is my posture or a pinched nerve.
    Have a blessed day!


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