Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where the *----* is the sun?

I took this the other day, when it wasn't actually raining. It doesn't seem to change much. Have had too much rain, too many storms and watches, warnings to set a person on edge. We don't have a storm shelter...

My shoulder may have something to do with barometric pressure and all this gloom. (Or it could be my age and worn out bones) I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and I am dreading it. I haven't driven since June (?), there is little confidence as to having to have my arms up on the steering wheel. There is no one to drive me. It's close to an hour drive from here..

DH is somewhere south of Knoxville now, his job moved there yesterday. Am getting tired of soup and TV dinners...

Still reading the complete works of GUY DE MAUPASSANT, a very cool guy, who thinks like a guy, not a woman who thinks she can think like a guy. He's very heavy on descriptions only not the kind I have been seeing in the newer novels. His description of a novel is spot on, in my opinion.

I do hope for sunny skies, this damp and gloom is getting to be too much for me. Wishing you all sunny days.


  1. if nothing else, i hope for clear driving weather for you tomorrow! good luck and be careful!

  2. I can tell you where the sun is: Right over our canyon and the rest of California. Has been for the longest time now. I hope your driving will work out OK. Will think of you. Fun that you are also getting into the classic reads. I love the way people wrote back then. The good ones, I mean.

  3. PSST! Sharon! The sun has been up here in Canada!! But from the sounds of things and the track of Hurricane Gonzala, this may soon change!
    The weather really does effect the joints and bones as we get older. We were just commenting on this.
    Good luck on the drive and take a few breaks and stop for a while.

  4. Good luck with your drive and your doctor visit. We got sun, but don't we always. The A/C is on right now. Never get a break from the electric bill.


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