Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What, it's Wednesday?

The doctor's office always calls the day before an appointment to confirm, right? So... I don't pay a whole lot of attention to what day it is, it doesn't matter, they are all the same around here. The girl called about DH's appointment yesterday for the 30th... You do see where I'm going with this, don't you?

All day yesterday, I thought it was Wednesday, and this morning I thought it was Thursday - until I saw Run*Around*Ranch Report. Hmm... then I bothered to look at my calendar/date on my computer. Doh! Okay, Theresa, I admit it, you help me keep my head on straight as far as what day it is.

Now... about my blog - I spent about 25% of my monthly "allowance" for my wifi watching the eclipse live for several hours, copying and pasting some of the pictures. (the reason I am not on much right now) I was absolutely stunned as I watched it up close and personal through the telescope in Prescott, AZ. I had the image on full screen and could actually see the action going on - especially on the one marked spot. I was glued to the monitor in absolute awe! Unless you've seen it actually happening, well, you have missed something spectacular.
 They had questions and answers and real scientists discussing what was going on. The site also shows other celestial happenings when they occur. There is a different shot on my facebook page. Some days my life is not so boring!


  1. laughing that my whistlers keep your weekly calendar page on track. :) (they actually do that for me, too!)


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