Friday, November 7, 2014

Jack's Discovery

Jack recently made a discovery. He wanted to lay in the sun, now that the rays are slanting into the bedroom. He checked out Jill's bed and decided - "Hey, I like this!" Jill, however, wanted to lay down for a nap and we all know who is the alpha dog here in the house. She went slinking off into the living room to pout on the big chair. Where there is no sunshine, BTW.

Jack at 8 years+ ------------------------------------->

I thought that pose looked familiar. Jack as 8-10 mo.-------------------->

An hour later, she came to me whining, she wanted her bed and he wouldn't get off. The sun had moved, but he has decided he likes her bed. (It's like me sleeping on a king-sized bed and not sharing.) I made him move, he gave me this look:


  1. such little spoiled babies. that bed rotation thing makes me crazy with my 4. when 1 can't get settled because the 'good spots' are taken!

  2. Don't you just LOVE that stare/challenge thingy they do?! lol

    No sunshine in that big chair, eh?

  3. They really are our fur babies. Just like little children. But very very cute xx

  4. Do I detect a couple of little spoiled babies here?


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