Monday, November 3, 2014

Understanding Friends

I have friends, much as y'all do, but how many of them are not thinking you're crazy when they get an earnest call...

"Quick, I need a woman's name - make it bitchy."

I am going over some of my stories and I discovered that two of the stories had a woman with the same name. I changed it to another name and then I realized that I had two of them too - thus the reason for the frantic call.

I thought I would make a collection of some of my old 'too short' stories. I would just as soon not repeat names... I will have to keep my eyes open for duplicating guys too. I used so many of my favorites in the Julia series, I may not be able to keep from doing it. Sigh... I like real names, not Dirk, Brick or Brock, haha.

I have been proof reading since my early morning rise. The dogs can't read the clock... so much for that 'extra' hour. What are you doing with that extra hour in the morning? It takes me a week or two until I don't notice the difference. (and retrain the dogs.)


  1. i don't even try to re-train the animals. since i don't have to go to work, i get up and feed them the same 'daylight' times they're used to. i just have to cut my evenings a bit shorter to get to bed. :)

  2. and dirk, brick or brock made me laugh!

  3. I am sleeping in for that extra hour!!
    As for bitchy female names?....I need a face and a personality first. I was thinking in Joan Crawford.

  4. I like Jim's ... Joan sounds perfect. As far as that extra hour, I am having a real hard time adjusting. Not my favorite time of year!! And poor Gracie, she's in bed at 9:30 wondering why in the world we are not in there yet! lol Dogs just don't get it at all. I promise I will get to chapter 2 by weeks end!!! ;-)

  5. I sat in my gown for an hour drinking coffee and watching out the door to see it I spotted a hummingbird. Think they left. They do that every year when I have just mixed a quart of sugar water because I was still seeing one.

  6. We lost an hour recently - looks like it found its way to your house Sharon.
    Make sure you all treasure it until it's time to return it lol

  7. Ah, what's in a name? I love that you are working on your stories. As for the dogs, I try for that in-between time, feeding them half an hour early for a while, slowly getting them back to the right time. Of course, this is half an hour late as far as they are concerned.


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