Tuesday, November 18, 2014

That didn't work...

All solutions - empty. Maybe she has a better place. The temp got down to 15F last night. Tacky was not in anything when I got up. Back to the drawing board.

I brought her inside for a while last night, to warm her up, hoping she might just curl up somewhere and decide to stay inside. She's a pretty cat and she doesn't need to literally freeze her ears off. Max (the neighbor's Great Pyrenees) has taken to chasing her, I don't think he would come up onto the porch.

When I let Jill outside this morning, she was afraid to go down the steps. The most I can imagine is that she had forgotten about frost.

Have a great sunshiny day!


  1. Outdoor cats are pretty good at finding shelter usually. You may be surprised where she sleeps. It is 15C here today which is around 60F I think. Crazy crazy!!

  2. Cats always have a mind of their own. Stay warm.


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