Thursday, August 13, 2015

Do do do do

I received an early Birthday card from the family this morning, while I was napping. They say they are staying in a motel outside of Salt Lake City. Mom and Dad are painting the views and Tom has been scouting the area for wildlife. It was wonderful to hear from them and such a surprise!

Aren’t memories amazing? They keep alive all that we hold dear and bring us dreams as they were. I’m happy to [still] have the memories of long ago, happy for photographs, too. Thanks Susan!
Not at our best, but difficult to retake now. Family 1960 1959
 I dream of various members of my family, ever so often, it may sound crazy, but it's so good to see them!


  1. happy early birthday to you from texas, too! :)

  2. Doesn't sound crazy sounds wonderful.

  3. Happy Birthday! And yes, it's neat to have pics, dreams and memories of family!

  4. Lovely family photo. Happy birthday!


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