Saturday, August 15, 2015

It will come ...

The sun was setting as I took this shot. No, during the day, it doesn't look that bad, but it does make me think of the days ahead. The leaves are fading fast. They are drab and dull. It was very windy before and the yard is full of dead/dying leaves. I would venture a guess that we will have another early autumn. We had a good rain, along with the wind. The yard is full of robins too. They come in droves after a rain.

SO ... Today, I had by first full day of being 70. I don't count much of yesterday, as I was born shortly before midnight. Haha. I don't really care for the classification of "Old." It's tough enough getting there without that slap in the face. I do have some very lovely people in the ranks I have joined, though. (I agree, girlfriend, this one is pretty hard to take.)

My youngest came for a visit today, bearing an ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen AND DVDs for us. Dad received Dad type stuff and I got some funny stuff. I think he has me hooked on "Weeds" as I had never seen the series. I really enjoyed the first show! I know it's old, but it's new to me! DH and I both had a good birthday.

It is Jill's adoption day anniversary. We have had her in our family for six years now. She will get a page of her own next week - IF I remember.

Sparrow Hall has started to split down the middle, I don't believe it is going to last through fall. (Big frowny face)


  1. we're very dry and hot and the leaves are blowing around because of that. i'm looking forward to temps in the low 90s soon (i hope) though. :)

    glad your son came to spoil you (both) a bit. i've never seen weeds, but i heard it was a good series. there's several 'oldies' i'd like to see - like breaking bad and big love. :)

  2. So glad you two had a nice birthday. Our leaves are falling too due to the hot dry weather. I'll be so glad for cooler weather, this heat is hard on me.

  3. Happy Birthday. And, if it's any consolation, my uncle was in his 90's and he said anyone under 80 was a young pup! Oh, and can you send a bit of that rain to us??? sigh...


  4. Happy Birthday! 70 is nothing, just wait until you get to be 75! Just kidding, but one does get a little bit more tired more easily and for no reason, or so it seems.


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