Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SAD light

Daylight savings time ended on Sunday. That brought quite a shock to my weakening system as the days had been becoming shorter and shorter as autumn progressed. It happens to me every year, so it was no surprise. I, like so many others, seem to depend on sunshine. This year, I bought a SAD light with hopes of lessening my bouts of seasonal depression.

I will say one good thing about the light, it has me making a more regular wake-up time on my own without benefit of a startling alarm clock that had me pushing the snooze button and feeling worse about waking up. It does take some getting used to doing it on schedule, but if I'm up on my own - what can I say.

This particular light has three different brightness settings and three different timer settings. Now, I don't know if this type of light therapy is proven or not. I just know that to wake up willingly and not drag out of bed works for me.

This thing is really white, but the room light is on because it's overcast.

This is the 'HI' setting

This is the 'LOW' setting
  You do NOT look directly at it, the light is set to the side. I look at my computer and the light faces between me and my monitor. These lights come with detailed instructions. I'm just telling you what helps me face the day since the days have shortened. Your results may vary.


  1. The woman who ran our diabetes support group suffered from this too and once she got the light, she felt so much better. She said the difference in how she felt was amazing. Hope it will make a great difference in your life too.

  2. I've always wondered about these. I might just have to get me one before next winter I'm glad it's helping you xx

  3. that's awesome. i've told my sister for years to get something to help. she struggles with long winter days in wisconsin affecting her mood.

  4. Good luck with the light for you.

  5. Hmmm... let me know how it works. I struggle with these shortened, darkened days... counting the days till spring..

  6. I remember when we lived in Alaska, people used these lights with varying success. I never used one, but I tanned (I know, I know) but found it made a huge difference for me in the winter, and I'm like you, I'm all about anything that makes mornings easier or evenings too!


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