Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Yesterday, I posted early and then my day began. Before sunrise, the sky was something else. It looked as if the artist had a heavy hand with the paint. I was delighted.

You can see our truck in the front. DH has it sitting in the front yard with a 'For Sale' sign in the window. Needless to say, the artwork was long gone before the sun actually rose. (I was ready though, for something truly spectacular)

A few hours later, Jill said she had to go outside and as I opened the front door, we were surprised to see a tall white-haired, bearded man at the top of the porch steps. Jill and I were both startled. Immediately bristling, Jill went out the door with me screaming, "Jill, Jill, it's okay!" I could see the man had someone there looking over the truck. She panicked. I could see she was between a rock and a hard place - wanting to protect her mommy and needing to evacuate her bowels. (And me worrying about her thinking about biting the man) As soon as I could, I got her back into the house - dripping on the floor. She came in, ashamed yet angry about the 'intruder.'

It goes without saying, that Jill gives the full meaning to the phrase, "Scared sh*tless" and I had a bit of clean up. It was not the first time, if you remember the first time her daddy took her for a ride in the little red convertible... 

The man didn't buy the truck, I was exhausted, and Jill spent the better part of the day upset. I'm hoping for a better day today. How about you?


  1. awww! sorry for both of you! poor jill...

    1. Guess I need to make some signs - Neither one of us are into surprises like that.

  2. Yeah that was quite a surprise, too bad the man didn't buy the truck. A beautiful sky though.

    1. Thanks, that SAD light has me getting up in time to see the sunrises now.
      I'm not worried about the truck, someone will want it. (Eventually)


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