Friday, July 8, 2016

Well, I'll be!

It's common knowledge among my friends and followers that my fig trees froze out every winter except one since I planted them six years ago. I was pondering just ripping them out and putting in some flowering bushes, maybe a forsythia and maybe another hibiscus. The birds obviously like the fig trees (bushes, really) as it's their look-out spot in the yard. Okay, change of plans. I think I will let them be. I have a poke plant in with the one fig to feed the bluebirds. Bluebirds eat poke berries, they don't eat seeds.

Was very surprised to find 3 figs on one of the new stems this morning. I didn't think they would make fruit when they had to start all over! Fun surprise. Dora, Peppylady, mentioned she hadn't seen figs growing or a fig tree. I hadn't either before I put these in, so these pictures are for you, Dora! (Also anyone else who is curious.) The figs are only about half an inch across right now, they get considerably larger. (IF they don't fall off)

 A few days ago, I started some 'trimmings' or 'slips' in sand to propagate some blueberry plants and flowering almond. It's just an experiment, so no big loss if they die. I checked them this morning and they are doing just fine, I don't see any sign of wilting or dying. It gives me some hope. I want to start a few scuppernong to fill in empty spaces and maybe a couple of the concord grape, also hibiscus. If they survive, that's great, if not, no great expense has gone into it. 

I can't be outside long, that air out there is toxic when it heats up. My best time is before it gets ungodly hot, but after the humidity of the night lifts. It's a pretty short window of opportunity.

Have a great weekend, folks!


  1. scuppernong, there is a word I've never seen before.

  2. So, now you can give a fig about things? Hee hee hee! I have some little succulents that I tried to start, like you, not a biggie, but managed to kill the poor things. I hope to not do that again... sigh.

    I don't have much problem at the moment here, we are lucky, the weather has (for here), been alternating between cool and rainy, then up to 80's. The plants love it, I am not so fond of the stretches of humidity, but at least I get vegetables out of it!


  3. My mother-in-law had fig plants and she always made fig preserves. I never liked it but then not many fruits I do like and I regret that. Yours look pretty and healthy.

  4. I believe my sister in law has a plant like that.

  5. I love figs! I once lived in a house with a giant fig tree in the back yard along with the best peach tree in the world and a grape vine along the fence. We were in fruit heaven!But the rent got too high and we had to find somewhere cheaper. That was twenty years ago and I'm still mad at myself for not taking cuttings from the fig and peach trees.
    I hope your cuttings do well. Do you know what type of figs you have? Some ripen green, some brown, some purple/brown.

  6. I've never seen a fig growing either and I had to look at your profile to see where you live. Plants are an endless supply of surprises, aren't they.

  7. My grandma had a fig tree out in her back yard, and she made fig preserves every year. I have tried several times to like the taste...but I just don't. LOL! I hope your tree survives.

  8. I had never seen a growing dig befor either! Hope it keeps growing and you get to eat them.

  9. I love figs. I have one growing in the front yard but so far it's only a baby. So no fruit. Unfortunately although I love eating figs they don't love me. I can only have one or two otherwise I end up with sores in my mouth. I think I'm a little allergic I hope your free keeps its fruit for you.

    1. Angela, I googled 'figs sore mouth' and got several reasons for your problem. Good information and I am going to be careful - seems you are not the only one with the problem. There was too much information for me to write and most people don't like links from unknown source. :-)


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