Wednesday, February 8, 2017

An oldie ...

The wind is blowing like crazy outside, sounds like a blizzard. It's not, but brings to mind ...

It was a cold, stormy night in Siberia,
Two men were sitting by the fire,
A young man,
And an old man.
The young man said to the old man,
"Please tell me a story,"
And this is the story he told:

It was a cold, stormy night in Siberia, 
Two men were sitting by the fire ...

My Blu-Ray player came yesterday. It was a snap to set up. First movie was Pan's Labyrinth. I had seen part of it before, but without the English sub-titles, it was confusing. Nothing like a grown-up fairy tale. Right?
I put it on top of the box. The desk is relatively neat right now, but I know that pack-a-stack and file-a-pile will happen again and I need to be able to point the remote at the player from the bed. Har Har!
 Be well, Folks!


  1. That story sounds a little like that
    This is the
    Song that never ends
    Yes it goes on and on my friends lol

  2. Smart move to stack the player on something. I had mine on a stack of large coffee table books that I never opened anymore. Then someone borrowed the books. Now it just sits on the same shelf as the TV, but it isn't in the bedroom. I never watch TV in bed.

    1. The box is easy stand-in for the books. :)
      Most of my time is spent in my womb and I can raise my feet on the bed.

  3. It might be an oldie to you but I never heard it before.

    Reading this I now realise how ignorant I am about technical stuff. Serves me right for thinking I knew it all.... Have fun with the films.

    1. :)
      There were pictures of where to plug what in, that helped!


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