Sunday, January 27, 2013

I admit it! I'm prejudiced

I will admit it, I am prejudiced - against zombies. They literally make me ill. I know, everyone out there is booing me over this and think I'm a skanky old _itch, but they creep me out. I watched one of John's favorite's and well, I was NOT impressed. Then I read some of it and being a reader, I immerse myself in a book or story. I dang near puked. 

No I will not be blogging about said fictitious creatures again.

I don't like spiders either...

Or clowns...


  1. thanks for the laugh, dear sharon! :)

  2. HAHAHAAAHAAA! I couldn't give less of a hoot about zombies. Not my thing, they don't bother me, but I don't go out of my way to read/watch. Spiders and clowns... (((shudder)))

    Thanks for the laugh.


  3. LOL! No Zombie's for me either Sharon. Nor spiders.

  4. I hate anything about vampires ... creeps me out! Clown ... mmmm.... quite a few have that phobia. BOO! Haha! Sue

  5. As for me, I don't get this zombie fad. It reeks of 1950s schlock.

  6. This is a pretty funny post. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Just between you and me Sharon, I think you and I are the normal ones here!! I don't at all get the whole zombie thing and find it gross!!

    I love spiders and clowns though! lol

  8. Spiders and clowns, creepy. Zombie apocalypse kinda exciting really! hahaha


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