Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's All About the Signal

Crossing Fingers It does seem to work... 
DH was tired of losing calls and not always getting hold of me on my cell. (We have the unlimited to each other - handy when he is out of town)

He picked this up yesterday and we tried a temporary hook up through the front door (chilly BTW) and it raised the bars on both phones. He will have to crawl under the house to run the cable, we can't have the door open all the time, you know. I did talk him into waiting a few days or a week, so he doesn't mess up that knee.

Hoping it will help WiFi too! Will keep you informed - those that live way out in the boonies, like us... 

Have a great day!


  1. we could probably use one of those here, too. ours is terrible for some networks and a bit better for others. let us know how it works!

  2. This sounds very interesting! I thought we were out in the boonies but I guess you are further out! Good luck, this just might be what you need! Have a great week.

  3. WOW. But how do you have to install it. I would have opted for the plug into a wall outlet, the electrical ones.

  4. I don't understand anything about 3G, 4G and particularly WiFi. My Kindle works, so do my cell phones, and I haven't tried the Nook yet. I hope to be OK without having to learn any more new stuff. But since I live in the boonies, I thank you for this post, it may come in handy some day.

  5. My Android phone works pretty well, but the Verizon Hotspot thingy -- not so much. Let us know how it works. I might need one!


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