Monday, January 21, 2013

Up and running!

Son installing programs - no mouse. I have to get a new mouse!

I believe he's thinking "this blows my warm, sunny Sunday!"

Why do all my children make faces at me when I am taking a pic?
Bless him, he spent six hours making the new one exactly like my old one, without benefit of a mouse. He didn't get to clean out his car or goof off on his only day off. Sorry Son! (I just noticed the gray in your beard, I'm not helping much, am I?) Thank you. I love you!!!


  1. What a good son! And isn't it odd seeing our children turning gray? That can only mean one thing. We. Are. Old. Ugh! Nice looking son you have there Sharon!

  2. Lucky you to have your own techy! I prefer to use the touch pad myself as I learned to do so back in the 90's at work/school on a 'pad'. Easy after a while.
    a new computer for the writer!!!

  3. very sweet of him to give you his day. :)

  4. hehehe
    Buy a Logitech!
    For me, are the best!


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