Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's on YOUR desk?

No picture of my mess - hee hee.

I was just thinking I need to clean up my desk to make it look nicer, for who, I have no clue. My son doesn't care, DH neither. But I have noticed a few things that need to go elsewhere:

5 soup spoons from frequent breaks

4 pr. of various reading glasses (that I will double up on occasionally) they can go on my other desk.


Aspercream - that I cannot use

2 address books


Last year's calendar

Jewelry loupe

Several discs for programs I have already installed

Simichrome Polish


Large bag of potato chips

Diamond heart earrings

 3 mechanical pencils

Now that's just what I can see on the top of the pile, I'm dang near positive it isn't one layer or things wouldn't be sliding off, right? I think I will just shove it all in a box (except for the earrings - why did I take them out of the case?) and set it aside for a "someday" project. 

What does the top of your desk look like? HMM???


  1. you're too funny. a bag of potato chips. aspercreme which you can't use. :)thanks for the laugh.

  2. Hi Sharon! My desk has a ton of old paid bills, new bills waiting to be paid, pens of all kinds that work and don't work, new and used batteries, old and new kleenex's (too much info,!) A glass with water, 2 pop cans and chocolate candy wrappers some filled but most! Have a great day sweets! Hugs and love, Jennifer :-)

  3. I have to say the desk in the shop is usually very organized...but not by me. Husband and I share it and he is always straightening up. But my painting area is a mess.

  4. Your desk sounds like my hubbies. That was always the bone of contention. He is a messy desk person and I have to have it neat and tidy! So now I don't clog near his desk and life is happy again. Lol

  5. LOL! Yes, a box will do it!
    My desk top is my lap!! But if I had a desk it would probably look like my bed table which is usually full of stuff!!

  6. Oh, I almost ran out of breath reading your post, heh, heh! I have one small calculator and three small animals. Are they called Schlick, something like that those people who make realistic looking animals: a yellow lab puppy and a little pig, pink with a black face, and a tiny shepherd puppy I found at the laundromat. Then I have a notepad, a pen, a paper napkin, my coffee mug and mousepad depicting my beautiful hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. And my computer stuff. And a some dust too, of course. I know, I know this was more than you wanted to know.

  7. Let's see... coffee cup, phone, journal, cup of pens and pencils, 3M Dust Remover (ha!), desk lamp and speakers.

    I think your pile is more interesting.


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